- How to register?

 You can click "Log in/Sign up" on the top of site, and then fill accurate and truthful information for contact or sending special deal to you in the future. The privacy of your personal information is kept strictly confidential. 

- How to become a online member for Guest and tcfs  member ?

Open to the first page of the Register. Then fill out the form with accurate and truthful information


- How to activate your account ?

When register process is successful. You can activate membership (to verify ownership of members)  by entering your email address is used for registration. You will see email from 


with confirm the online membership subject then click on the link in the email to assert with the site system. If you can not find the email in your inbox please check in the JUNK mail.



- How To Log in after activate your account?

Click "Log in/Sign up" on the top of site. Please fill username and  password, and then click 'SIGN IN' button.

- How to go your personal account page?

Before you Log in/sign up already. The button will change to "My Account". You can click these for see your profile, point and order history. If you want to exit system just click "Logout". In order to prevent others accessing your personal page.


- Can others see your personal information ?

We respect your personal information.  The privacy of your personal information is kept strictly confidential. Unless it's your intention. Read more Privacy Policy 



-How different between tcfs membership and online member?

The tcfs membership will get a card.


- valid 1 year after you register. 

- Get 10% discount on all products. 

- Get welcome member 15% discount on all product (valid 2 months)

- Get 20 % discount on your birthday

- Free hand massage service 3 times (valued 490 THB/once)

- Free Korean style brow shaping 2 times (valued 690 THB/once)

- Free beauty makeup service 12 times (valued 790 THB/once)


Points and Rewards 

Every purchase 1,000 baht (after register member and after discount) received 1 point, exception of promotional products.

Collect 10 points to redeem for products worth 500 baht.

Collect 20 points to redeem for products worth 1,500 baht.

Collect 30 points to redeem for products worth 2,500 baht.

Collect 40 points to redeem for products worth 4,000 baht.


Terms of redemption

1. Do not use points to redeem promotional products.

2. Can use the points to redeem products or get 20% discount by yourself with your ID card at too cool for school shop, except Consignment. 

3. Can collect points and redeem products, including received services before membership expired.

4. Points can not be exchanged for cash. 

Additional conditions

*membership's discount cannot be use with other promotional products.

** The Company reserved the right to change conditions any time without prior of notice. 

***Renewal the membership within a month of expiration. You may purchase any products worth 1,500 baht (after discount) to maintain your membership's benefit. 

****Please call to book appointment for services at least 3 days in advance.  

*****Terms of subscription: buy any product up to 3,000 THB (after discount) can become a member too cool for school immediately.



Online Member will be able to shop online on this website. Also you can join the event or activities that exclusive for Online Members only.

- What should I do if I have trouble logging to my account?

Make you you use the same username and password you registered. 

If you forget your password, please email "". We will send you a link that allows to create new password. 


NOTE: If you have any questions about the terms and conditions, please click on the "Contact Us".